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Lectures and lecture courses:
The following modules have been given for interested parties
An introduction to economic geology and ore geology (table of contents)
Geology in the adult education program and at school (some overhead transparencies on display)
Deposit modelling
  1. Variscan
Principles of applied sedimentology (table of contents)
Mineralogy, sedimentology and economic geology of calcareous rocks (table of contents)
Arid and semiarid depositional environments: their application to fossil fuels, metallic and non-metallic  
  deposits (table of contents)
Non-metallic deposits and construction raw materials (table of contents)
Geoscientific principles of military planning and command (table of contents)
Heavy mineral analysis and the study of placer deposits (table of contents)
Sediment-hosted and unconformity-related mineral deposits from aluminium to zirconium with special 
  reference to sequence stratigraphy and environment analysis  (table of contents)